Meet the Team: Serena February

Serena February Rental Consultant for Platinum Century Property

Q & A with Serena February. Get to know Serena a little better and her thoughts surrounding life and the property industry.

Question 1: How long have you been in the property industry?

Answer: I’ve been in the property industry since 1996.

Question 2: What did you do before you before you went into property?

Answer: I was a receptionist at a printing company.

Question 3: Best thing about your job?

Answer: Being in the position to make people happy and to put a roof over their heads.
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Question 4: Best thing, in your opinion, about your company?

Answer: I particularly love the teamwork and opportunities for growth.

Question 5: Two pieces of advice for buyers/tenants:

Answer: ONE – What you see is what you get.

Answer: TWO – Please understand that we are only the “middle man” at the mercy of owners.

Question 6: Two pieces of advice for sellers/landlords:

Answer: ONE – Presentation and condition of property gets you “Top Dollar”. It pays to go the extra mile.

Answer: TWO – Work with us to ensure happy tenants. We have your best interests at heart.


Question 7: Advice for anyone entering the property industry?

Answer: It is important that you are a people’s person and have a heart of gold – a stomach of steel is also necessary at times.

Question 8: Five interesting things about you?


  1. I am honest.
  2. I try my best to be humble.
  3. I am told that I’m rather funny and have a good sense of humour.
  4. I pride myself on being approachable. My colleagues and those I deal with through work know that my door is always open.
  5. I consider myself to be easy going and try not to get wound up by small things.

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Question 9: What drives you?

Answer: I have goals and am constantly striving to achieve my dreams.

Question 10: Your philosophy surrounding life?

Answer: Humbleness and kindness never killed anyone.

Question 11: Favourite quote/saying?

Answer: Never let anyone dull your sparkle.

Question 12: Your family?

Answer: My family is my rock and support. Need I say more?

Question 13: Ideal holiday?

Answer: Definitely a trip aboard a luxury cruise liner!

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Question 14: A few items off your bucket list?


  • A road trip on a luxury bus
  • To get to a stage where I’m living well without worry.
  • I’m always seeking out opportunities to help and give back. I’d like to take this to the next level one day.

Question 15: Sports?

Answer: There are few things nicer than a brisk walk. Gets the blood pumping.

Question 16: Hobbies?

Answer: Dancing, singing and watching movies.

Question 17: Favourite pastime?

Answers: Spending time with my children.


Question 18: Favourite food?

Answer: Curries, seafood and certain vegetarian dishes.

Serena February is one of Platinum Century Property’s professional, dedicated rental agents. She’d be very happy to answer any of your property related questions and assist you with the rental of your property. Should you wish to contact with Serena, she can be reached on 073 600 9161 or via email:


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