Meet the Team: Reg Ingram (Sales & Rentals)

Q & A with Reg Ingram. Get to know this very valuable member of our team a little better.

Question 1: How long have you been in the property industry?

Answer: 2 and a half years

Question 2: What did you do before you before you went into property?

Answer: I was involved in corporate IT solutions. Prior to moving to Cape Town I was involved in the Duty-Free business specifically for British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. For my sins, I started off my career in the restaurant industry.

Question 3: Best thing about your job?

Answer: I absolutely love the look on people’s faces when you hand them over the key to their new apartment and home. It is immensely gratifying to help a person or family to find their new abode and I love sharing that moment of excitement/relief/joy when they realise they are now home.

Handing over keys

Question 4: Best thing, in your opinion, about your company?

Answer: Platinum is almost like an extended family and the clients are treated like individuals and not just another account or a number.

Question 5: Two pieces of advice for buyers:

Answer: ONE – When purchasing in upmarket areas like Century City, please do not think you can wrangle on price. Get close to the asking price if you would like to stand a chance of purchasing your dream home. In some cases, my buyers beat the competition by 10 minutes and R10 000. Had they offered the lower price they would have lost out.

Answer: TWO – If you relocate from another city, rent for a year and get to know the lay of the land. You will be surprised how much there is to know about an area before you decide to settle there – and what initially looks attractive might not suit your needs 1 year down the line.

Question 6: Two pieces of advice for sellers:

Answer: ONE – Your first offer is almost always going to be your best offer. Don’t hold out. Take the money and run.

Answer: TWO – Always look at your property and ask whether you would buy it at the price you are asking. Is it in a condition that justifies the price – be it structurally or in the way it is furnished?

Question 7: Advice for anyone entering the property industry?

Answer: The property game is a game of consistency. Far more than any other industry I have been involved in. You have to continually follow up as tenants and owners can grow hot and cold in a flash as their requirements change.

Question 8: Five interesting things about you?


I am a very big family man. To me there is nothing better than having family and by extension friends over or spending time with them.

I am a huge Formula 1 Ferrari fan – to my detriment over the last couple of years. But this year – LOOKING GOOD

If you want to host a party or organise one, I am your man. It is all or nothing in this department. Themed parties and dress up – just the best way to celebrate and occasion.

I can virtually remember every line and situation from any movie I have seen.

Although I am an seen as an extrovert.

Ferrari racing car

Question 9: What drives you?

Answer: I want to be the best. I am very competitive. But with age I am being influenced with the drive to be a complete husband and father to my family. Be that from a financial point of view or the capacity to balance my career with time for my family.

Question 10: Your philosophy surrounding life?

Answer: Definitely treat others as you would like to be treated. I always put myself in other people’s shoes.

Question 11: Favourite quote/saying?

Answer: It is what it is. And when I am completely flabbergasted: “Oh my living sock!!!!”

Question 12: Your family?

Answer: I have a wife and 3 children 21 (boy), 15 (boy) and 6 (girl). Big spread that keeps me busy.

Family Holding Hands

Question 13: Ideal holiday?

Answer: An ideal holiday would be a cruise with my wife to Italy as she has never been. It would be romantic and very different to the holidays I have experienced.

Ideal holiday with the whole family will be to go to Mauritius as there is a lot to do for everyone across the ages – I have to cater for sun, water and fun – and NO PHONE!

Question 14: A few items off your bucket list?


I want to see the Terracotta army in China and visit the Great Wall.

I want to see the cherry blossoms in spring in Japan – preferably on the island of Kyoto.

Visit some of the biggest roller coaster rides in America

I would love to see and experience the wonders in South America, Amazon, Machi Pichu, Iguazu Falls and the Perito Moreno Glacier

I have been to Hockenheim and Silverstone for F1 Grand Prix’s. I would like to attend the Italian and Abhu Dabi races still.

Question 15: Sports?

Answer: Oh oh! The closest I get to sport right now is when my son is at soccer 5 times a week and my daughter is playing netball.

Question 16: Hobbies?

Answer: Between work and a busy family, my hobby is my family.

Question 17: Favourite pastimes?

Answers: There is nothing better than family time. I love having tea parties with my daughter or playing any new game she has developed.

My sons are older and we sometimes joke around and shoot the breeze. (When the eldest is not out jolling.)

We love to explore Cape Town and the surrounding areas. There is so much to do and to experience.

I absolutely love reading. I am currently busy with a series on Rome. I have close on 700 books in my online library.

And then finally, I love to cook. It is my best way of relaxing. Whether it is for my family or friends. Nothing Better!!

View of Table Mountain and turquoise sea from behind rocks

Question 18: Favourite food?

Answer: A good pasta and in winter a thick soup.

Reg Ingram is one of Platinum Century Property’s professional, dedicated sales and rental agents. He’d be very happy to answer any of your property related questions and assist you with the sale, purchase or rental of your property. Should you wish to contact with Reg, he can be reached on 0824577917 or via email:

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