Meet the Team: Franco Polito (Sales)

Franco Polito estate agent at Platinum Century Property

Q & A with Franco Polito. Get to know this friendly, dedicated member of our team better.

Question 1: How long have you been in the property industry?

Answer: 3 years

Question 2: What did you do before you before you went into property?

Answer: My tertiary education was in textiles. I initially worked as a leisurewear buyer and then later a sportswear buyer. After years of travelling I opened a promotional agency which I ran successfully for many years. After selling the business I found myself drawn to the property industry and have been with Platinum ever since.

Question 3: Best thing about your job?

Answer: I really enjoy the flexibility that this industry offers and the freedom to run it as your own business. I particularly enjoy the wonderful, interesting people we meet and the satisfaction of witnessing the joy they experience when they find the perfect house or apartment.

Question 4: Best thing, in your opinion, about your company?

Answer: I love the fact that we’re all working in the best interest of the client. Our team has great respect for one another and I really appreciate the transparency in which we conduct our business. We’re able to freely discuss the stock on hand and be confident that we have one another’s backs. There is no jealousy or animosity. My colleagues are truly an amazing group of people.

Question 5: Two pieces of advice for buyers:

Answer: ONE – Select the agency you are to work with carefully. Make sure they have a good track record and are trusted in the community within which they operate.

Answer: TWO – Listen to the advice of your agent. If you’ve chosen your agent well, they are extremely knowledgeable of the area and have your best interests at heart.

Question 6: Three pieces of advice for sellers:

Answer: ONE – Ensure your property is in immaculate condition.

Answer: TWO – Market your property at the correct price.

Answer: THREE – Always work through a sole mandate.

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Question 7: Advice for anyone entering the property industry?

Answer: Property is not a part time job. It is one which requires a high level of commitment and hard work. A great agent works extremely hard behind the scenes. There is continuous networking and communication in an effort to build a huge data base and of course a good reputation is essential.

Question 8: Five interesting things about you?


  1. I love all sports. I once did the Comrades on a dare after never having run more than 30km’s! (And subsequently couldn’t walk for the next week!) I’m always up for a challenge.
  2. I love entertainment and West End Shows. I can sing from Phantom of the Opera to Les Miserables to Cats to Chess and more…
  3. Being Italian, good food plays a big roll in my life.
  4. I am very blessed to have had a daughter late in life. She’s a joy and keeps me young.
  5. My reputation, integrity and credibility are of paramount importance to me.

Question 9: What drives you?

Answer: I’m driven to live a full, well-balanced life. I don’t want to waste time and opportunities. I love the impact that my energy has on others – be it in a social or business environment. I’m an extremely positive person, enjoy challenges and see humour in almost everything. Family and friends are of utmost importance to me. I value those relationships most and treasure friendships. (I’ve been having lunch every Thursday with a group of close friends since 1989!)

Question 10: Your philosophy surrounding life?

Answer: Live your life with honesty and respect. Treat others as you would like to be treated. You can be brutally honest with people, but as long as it’s done with respect. My mantra – What you put in you get out.

Questions 11: Favourite quote/saying?

Answer: It is what it is.

Question 12: Your family?

Answer: I have a beautiful wife and an exuberant 7-year-old daughter. I’m very proud of my wife who trained at the Royal Ballet and completed her ballet career at CAPAB. She now runs a huge ballet studio in Sea Point.

Question 13: Ideal holiday?

Answer: A trip to the bush or a visit to a tropical location such as Thailand.

Question 14: A few items off your bucket list?


  • Continuous Travel
  • Develop martial arts skills
  • Write
  • Work abroad
  • Do stand up comedy

Question 15: Sports?

Answer: I’m very athletic and enjoy participating in a number of sports, eg. karate, tennis, squash and running.

Question 16: Hobbies?

Answer: Geology. I’ve always enjoyed the study of rocks and stones. I had quite an extensive collection at one stage. I also enjoy writing and constantly come up with “best sellers” that never get to market.

Question 17: Favourite pastimes?

Answers: Family, food, friends and entertaining. I love hosting people for dinner. I enjoy cooking Italian food, but mostly enjoy the interaction that happens around a dinner table.

Question 18: Favourite food?

Answer: Anything Italian.Spaghetti


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