Meet the Team: Craig Stocker (Rentals & Sales)

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Q & A with Craig Stocker. Get to know this motivated, friendly member of our team better.

Question 1: How long have you been in the property industry?

Answer: I have been in the property business for about 2 years in total. I have been around the business in various ways for a number of years.

Question 2: What did you do before you before you went into property?

Answer: I have been a business management consultant specialising in Sales and Marketing for most of my working career. I have also owned a decorating and project management business.

Question 3: Best thing about your job?

Answer: Customer interface and ultimately customer satisfaction.

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Question 4: Best thing, in your opinion, about your company?

Answer: It is a small business and we are like a family. We are very team focused.

Question 5: Two pieces of advice for buyers:

Answer: ONE – Do your homework with regards to the area and the related prices.

Answer: TWO – Before viewing any properties, make sure that you know what your ‘not negotiable requirements’ are.

Question 6: Two pieces of advice for sellers:

Answer: ONE – Always remember that buyers buy lifestyle so make your home as appealing as possible.

Answer: TWO – Try to be realistic and make decisions rationally and not emotionally.

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Question 7: Advice for anyone entering the property industry?

Answer: You need to be BRAVE. It is a tough industry to be in if you are wanting to be professional. You need to be patient and invest a lot of proactive energy with, in most cases, very little income to start with.

Question 8: Five interesting things about you?


  1. I am a Pisces
  2. I am a people’s person
  3. I owned my first property at 21 years of age
  4. I have run Two Comrades Marathons
  5. Have been to more than 50 countries

Question 9: What drives you?

Answer: Customer satisfaction and being a team player.

Question 10: Your philosophy surrounding life?

Answer: We tend to complicate our lives and we don’t allow ourselves to travel lightly. We also spend most of our lives worrying about things that never happen –  worry when it happens and do something about it. Fear is a choice and it is created in our heads…face your fears and live with less stress.

Questions 11: Favourite quote/saying?

Answer: “Be the change you would like to see in the world” (Gandhi) and “Everything will be OK in the end…and if it is not ok…then it is not the END!”

Question 12: Your family?

Answer: I have 2 children: a daughter, Storm, and a son, York.

Question 13: Ideal holiday?

Answer: Two weeks in the south of France with my wife, following the Tour de France Cycle Race.

Tour de France

Question 14: A few items off your bucket list?


  • Grandchildren
  • Travel to China to see the Great Wall
  • Visit Japan

Question 15: Sports?

Answer: Cycling, road running and hiking

Question 16: Hobbies?

Answer: Interior decorating and home renovating

Question 17: Favourite pastimes?

Answers: Reading décor related magazines and spending lots of time gardening.


Question 18: Favourite food?

Answer: Steak and salads

Craig Stocker is one of Platinum Century Property’s professional, dedicated rental and sales agents. He’d be very happy to answer any of your property related questions and assist you with the rental or sale of your property. Should you wish to contact with Craig, he can be reached on 083 447 6968 or via email:

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