7 Tips for Rainy Day Show Houses

Water dripping from a gutter

With winter almost upon us, we know (and hope) that the colder weather will bring along with it the much needed rain. We love rain, but its timing isn’t always ideal. When it comes to show houses it’s impossible to put in an order for good weather, so one needs to work with the weather which arrives on the day. Should the heavens decide to open, it is best to be prepared.

We have put together a list of 7 tips to help you with your wet-weather show day.


Rain is going to show up all the faults when it comes to gutters, drainage and leaks, so be sure to do a thorough inspection and repair any problems well before show day.


Create a warm and inviting atmosphere by switching on your heating panels or gas fire place. Be sure not to overheat your home as you don’t want potential buyers feeling the need to exit in order to cool down.


A beautifully lit home will help create an inviting atmosphere, so be sure to switch on your lights to give the impression of warmth.

Well lit living room


As you leave your home in the capable hands of your trusted realtor you know that your home is clean and inviting, but should you not provide sufficient mats at all the exits you may find your home looking like a herd of cattle have trudged through.


Yes, you want to keep out the cold, but make sure your home has been well aired before the time of your show house. Use beautifully fragranced air-fresheners to add a touch of luxury.


Fresh flowers brighten up a home and make it feel welcoming. They provide a distraction from the greyness and add life and colour.

Beautiful pink flowers in vases in a home


If show house visitors aren’t able to park close to your door they will more than likely make use of umbrellas. Be sure to provide a suitable container for umbrellas to be kept in.

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